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aDoddle - Community Mapping Introduction

About Community Mapping and why the Team at 'If Everyone Cares' is working to make it 'aDoddle' for everyone to Find Help - Give Help or Connect Locally.

Searching aDoddle

Searching aDoddle is easy - Start by adding a postcode or area. After that you can, if you want to, add filters or key words. You can also view the results in either map for mat or as a list - The choice is yours.

Add Your Profile or Event to the Map

Simple steps to help you get started with your free profile or event

Creating and Managing Your Account on aDoddle

Creating an account is ideal for you whether you want to add and manage a profile for a charity, community group, project, community building, event or resource, or if you just want to keep track of your favourite profiles. This section will help you to manage & make the most of your free account on aDoddle.

Your Profile Dashboard Explained

Understanding and finding your way around your profile/project dashboard. Helping you to add and manage the information you share, the team members you give access permissions too and more.

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Lists & Favourites

Create lists to categorise and save your favourite projects when using the aDoddle search. You have full control of your lists, make them available to share with the others, or simply keep them private so that they are only visible to you.