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Project Profile Dashboard Overview

Locating, understanding and finding your way around your Project profile dashboard.

The Essentials

Add or Manage the name and mission of your organisation, the type of organisation - for example charity, community project, and more.

Your Story

Here is where you can share the '5 Key things' that people want to know about your organisation, group, event, resource or opportunity.


Location - Adding this is as easy as adding a postcode, moving the map marker and clicking save. You also have the ability to set your location to 'Hidden' if it does not have an 'office' for people to visit, or for safety reasons.

Opening Hours

Manage and update all your opening and closing times. Based on feedback we have tried to include a variety of options to suit most organisations. Choices can include things from being open 24/7, for example a public space or community garden, or an opportunity that is only open during term times.


Add contact links such as website, email, phone number, social media and donation page etc… You can choose to share as much or as little information as you wish.


Upload your logo, photos or PDF documents to your gallery. Help those looking at your profile to have an even better understanding of how your project can help them or how they can help you.


Find out how you can easily 'Brand' your profile by adding a header image & selecting a single main branding colour. Helping to turn your profile into a 'mini-website' with the look and feel of your organisation.


Does your project work in a wider area? This section will guide you though simple steps which will enable you to duplicate your 'Master' project profile in other areas.

Profile User Manager

Do you want to share managing your profile with another team member? The User Manager enables you to give permission(s) to a team member, or members, which will allow them to manage, edit or update a chosen Project Profile for you. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to do this in a way that gives you full control. It will also show you how to remove permission that you have already set up.

Profile Settings

Settings is where you can manage the visibility of your profile. For example if you are editing it you may wish to temporarily hide it. This is also where you can Delete your profile should you no longer wish to share it on the community map.

How to Transfer a Profile's Ownership

Do you need to transfer the control of a profile to someone else? Are you leaving your role or have a new team member? aDoddle has a complete system to help you transfer ownership/responsibility to someone new.

Last Updated: 12th June 2023

Our Commitment to Accessibility

We are committed to making everything we do as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible. Our team always listens to feedback and if it is something that we can do, we will. Sometimes we are able to make changes immediately, at other times it may be a 'bigger' piece of Tech development, or we may need to do a piece of research first and it may take a little longer, and then there will be times when it is something that we can't do and for that we apologise.

Please Note Regarding Grammar & Accessibility:

Feedback from those with different abilities suggests that the use of punctuation can help them with reading and understanding. Therefore, our content and layout may not always be grammatically correct, we are doing this purposefully - working towards making it accessible for all.

Feedback? IF you have feedback or suggestions as to how we can improve this guid, please email hello@adoddle.org

Our team always listens and appreciates your feedback.

If you have feedback or suggestions as to how we can improve this guide, or the aDoddle Community Maps then please do get in touch. We genuinely do listen and all respectful feedback is appreciated.

We would also love to hear from you if there are things that you like or love about the maps or guides - it is wonderful for our team, who are mostly volunteers, to hear the good things as well and for them to know that their hard work is making a difference.

Thank you in advance for getting in touch.

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